Monthly Gatherings

Our local Monthly Gathering (MG) is usually held at 6:30 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month, with the exception of months when other major events are planned.

The MGs feature speakers on a variety of subjects and are open to the public. If you’re a member, we hope you’ll come to the MG. If you’re not a member and are thinking of joining, please come and see what we’re all about. You don’t need to be a Mensa member to attend the Monthly Gathering; it’s open to the public, and there is no charge to attend.

The locations will sometimes vary, but we currently meet at the Shoreline Fire Department’s Training Center. Our large meeting room is on the ground floor, and ample free parking is available.

The address: Shoreline Fire Department, 17525 Aurora Avenue North, in Shoreline, WA. Our large meeting room is on the ground floor, and ample free parking is available.

Driving directions: Take the 175th St exit from I-5, going West. Continue on 175th St for 1 mile to Linden Ave N. Turn Right on Linden Ave N and go to N 185th St. Turn Right on N 185th St and take it to Aurora Ave N. Turn right on Aurora Ave N and take it to Shoreline Fire Department’s Training Center on the right (just past Doug’s Northwest Cadillac).

Taking the bus? Metro Bus no. 358 runs north and south on Aurora Ave N and stops near 175th.

Annual Picnic Fun

On August 15th, more than 50 MWW members and their guests gathered at Ravenna Park near the University District to enjoy the MWW Annual Picnic in lieu of the August Monthly Gathering. The weather was a bit overcast and the park was a bit soggy, but a good time was had by all who came, and the clouds kept it from being too hot.

Fortunately, Max Gray took lots of pictures, including the time-lapse video on the Home page of this website called Mensans Moving Madly in which you can watch 57 minutes of the Mensa picnic in only 2 minutes! Click within the video frame to start it, and then check out the other pictures Max posted on the MWW Facebook page!

Members and their guests enjoyed socializing, croquet, and board games (Pandemic), and playing with the various dogs who were honorary guests. The annual picnic is always a blast, and we are already looking forward to having an even bigger and better one next year.

Many thanks to Wendy Hutchison, Cathy Sullivan, Mark Glancey, and John Gray for organizing a wonderful event. Several folks helped out, including Paul Ferrari, Dan Gilmore, Andras Blake, Del Lausa, and Angela Kokinakos. The food that people brought was all absolutely delicious, and many of the leftovers were donated to a homeless couple in the park.

September MG: Book Swap!

The September Monthly Gathering will be held at 6:30 p.m. on September 19th in the meeting room of the Shoreline Fire Department, 17525 Aurora Avenue North, in Shoreline, WA. Our large meeting room is on the ground floor, and ample free parking is available. Metro Bus no. 358 runs north and south on Aurora Ave N and stops near 175th.

The Monthly Gathering is not only for members. The public is encouraged to attend.

AJ-BooksBefore the Monthly Gathering at 6:30, there will be an RG planning committee meeting at 4:00 pm, followed by a SteerCom meeting at 5:00. All Mensa members are, as always, invited to observe SteerCom meetings and now may opt to speak for up to 5 minutes each during the new “Member Participation” subsection of the Agenda. The Member Participation subsection is limited to a total of 30 minutes.

Members, please feel free to bring a guest, or a “Friendsan” to the Monthly Gathering. The MG is always a potluck, so please bring a drink or a snack to share. No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

This month, MWW provides a solution to your summer reading dilemmas. If you’ve got a pile of books you’ve read and you’re ready for something new, this is the MG to attend. Or, if you haven’t found anything to sink your teeth into, maybe you can find something interesting to fuel your mental fires.

book-stackIf you’ve never been to a book swap, it’s pretty simple: everyone brings books they are done with, folks mingle and enjoy refreshments, they pick out new-to-them books to take home, and the leftovers get donated to charity. A book swap with Mfriends implies that if we enjoy each other’s company, we may enjoy each other’s books.

Members are invited to bring any number or type of books, which will be placed on the tables. For each book you bring, you will receive a ticket. Tickets can be used to select any books available, thereby rendering the donors anonymous. Each book is worth 1 ticket, so if you bring six books, you can select six books.

Use Post-its to write short notes explaining why the book was enjoyed (or not), “recommended if you like…” or other comments. As they peruse, guests can discuss books, and some interesting “conversations” can result.

We hope you will join us for a fun evening!

Additional MWW events

Mensa members host activities and events, called special interest groups (SIGs) in addition to the Monthly Gathering.

Activities hosted by members in their homes are open only to MWW members and their invited guests. Some of our favorite special interest groups that that occur monthly and are restricted to members and their guests include several Games Nights, two Movie Nights, Science SIG, GaySIG, Restaurant Adventures SIG, and a philosophical discussion SIG called Sunday Sojourn. And, our Mensa women also enjoy the supportive Women’s Bathroom SIG (there’s an amusing story behind that name).

Some other events are held in public venues, including WIGWAG (for members interested in getting out and about to interesting places and events in the region) and various TGIFs.

The latest addition to events open to nonmembers is Fair Game, a games & networking SIG open to all, held in public spaces, and sponsored by MWW, with the triple purpose of (i) raising money for charity, (ii) recruiting new MWW members, and (iii) having fun playing board games and tabletop games.