American Mensa Annual Gathering

Mensans don’t have conventions–we have gatherings. The Mensa Annual Gathering (AG) is the national U.S. Mensa convention held in a different city each year, typically spanning the July 4th weekend. A tradition since 1963, the Annual Gathering has grown from a two-day meet-and-greet at the New York Belmont to a sprawling and diverse collection of programs, talks, games and entertainment. These gatherings give Mensa members from all over the country an opportunity to meet new friends, catch up with longtime friends, eat, drink, play games, and enjoy speakers and presentations to “tweak” your mind. A good AG always has something that appeals to mind, body, and soul.

The American Mensa Annual Gathering in 2020 will be held on July 1-5 at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Stay tuned for more info on the 2020 AG as it becomes available!

In the meantime, the 2019 AG is over now, but here’s what we did:

Annual Gathering 2019


Hot Place, Cool People

July 3rd – July 7th, 2019
in Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, you can beat the heat with the company of cool people, exciting tours, and a dizzying array of fascinating programs and special events. The bustling Hospitality room, a public space for friends, food, and drinks, goes 24 hours a day. We’re expecting 1,600 to 1,800 members and their guests to attend from across the United States and indeed from around the world. So the only thing you’ll have a hard time finding at the AG is a dull moment.

Several concurrent tracks of speakers run from first thing in the morning to late at night. Like members’ interests and expertise, topics vary widely. There are also Special Interest Group Meet-and-Greets, where members of Mensa SIGs can meet in person. Similarly, there are Meet-and-Greets for Local Group officers as well as leadership development sessions.

The Games Room is a 24-hour funhouse of continuous play, and more competition spills over into a tournaments room. Hospitality — open 24 hours — is a ballroom with tables and chairs, snacks, soft drinks, and beer and wine (alcohol is typically served from early afternoon until late into the evening or early morning). It’s a communal space where people just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. (Some attendees spend all or most of their AG time here.)

Special programming designed just for kids is provided in Spark!, and a teen room gives similarly-aged Ms a fun spot to convene.

Programming Schedule

The programming schedule will be available on the American Mensa website around mid-May. Likewise, the free event app will be available by mid-June, and it will contain the programming schedule.

Event Hotel

Rising 31 floors above the heart of downtown Phoenix , the  Sheraton Grand Phoenix will be the location of the 2019 Annual Gathering.

340 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, Arizona, 85004

The hotel is adjacent to the Phoenix Convention Center and close to an array of restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife. You’ll find spacious, well-appointed accommodations and top amenities, including a rooftop pool, comprehensive fitness center, and several on-site restaurants and bars.

You can book your AG stay at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix by phone at (800) 325-3535. Tell them you’ll be attending the American Mensa 2019 Annual Gathering.

For details, AG registration rates, and hotel rates, see the Annual Gathering page at on the American Mensa website.

But wait, there’s more…

Attend the Colloquium, too!

JULY 2, 2019
8:30 A.M. – 4:15 P.M.



Sponsored by the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, this one-day educational symposium provides a forum for Mensans and the general public to explore, debate, and evaluate a major issue of long-range importance to society.

Society has worked to strike an acceptable balance between personal privacy and public security as long as the two concepts have existed. The debate has intensified in this era of mass surveillance, internet-connected frying pans, and GPS-enabled computers in the pockets of most Americans. Public knowledge and legal opinion struggle to keep up, and we’re left to wonder what privacy looks like in the 21st century.


Colloquium 2019 will explore how privacy rights have been transformed in the digital age and how they may yet change. We’ll examine the inherent intertwine of privacy rights and information technology, including how governments, marketers, and political data firms collect, store, and use what the world’s largest privately held software business calls the “ever-increasing volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of information.” We’ll ask how legislative actions will affect the role of tech companies in government surveillance. And with new technology platforms poised to change the way data ownership works, we’ll explore how those smart products may affect Fourth Amendment limits of the third-party doctrine.

Don’t miss out! Join Mensans from every generation as we descend upon Phoenix, Arizona, for the 2019 Annual Gathering!

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