Emerald City RG Program Guide

Friday April 6, 2018

4:00 PM

Official Kickoff and Ice Breaker, hosted by Mark Glancey (120 min). Join the “host with the most” as he facilitates your introduction to the Emerald City, attendees, speakers, and volunteers. While there, pick up the Scavenger Hunt and Impossible Trivia game packets.

Mark Glancey is the outgoing MWW President, has been in Mensa for over 35 years, and has been MERF’s Region 8 Scholarship Chair (2016) and National Assistant Scholarship Chair (2017). Mark and his husband established the Mark J. Glancey and John G. Gray LGBT Scholarship, which made its first award in 2016. Mark is a Senior Corporate Paralegal with Perkins Coie LLP in Seattle, and authored Paralegal Guide to UCC Filing (1996).

24-hour Gaming opens Hosted by Gaming Chairs, Jennifer & Steven Wise.

5:00 PM

The Psychology of Magic: How Magic is Designed to Fool Intelligent Minds, with Rick Anderson (75 min). Rick is a frequent lecturer on magic in the US and Canada, and has had many of his creations published in trade journals. He is in demand for his technical expertise and advanced instruction. As one of the premiere magicians in the country, you can be assured that he will exceed your expectations discussing the secrets behind the science of magic.

Rick, recently crowned the Pacific Coast Comedy Magic Champion, developed an early fascination with magic. By his teens, he was a paid performer; over time, he developed a professional style that kept him working steadily. In the 25+ years Rick has been in the Puget Sound, he’s developed a reputation as one of the finest magical entertainers in the area, for both his technical skills and his close-up magic!

ON FIRE: The Financial Independence Movement, with Bruce Lee (75 min). Find out how people are choosing quality of life over waste by saving, paying themselves first, and seeking a life not ruled by ‘chasing dollars’. Learn about “The Simple Path to Wealth”, Mr. Money Mustache, the Mad FIentist, and others who’ve embraced thrift and are living the dream FU-money gives you. Bruce Lee is a a lifelong ‘tightwad’ who combines his DIY skills with technical and investing experience in his quest for financial independence, and shares his wisdom with other disciples seeking the same.

6:00 to 8:00 PM

Dinner (included with RG ticket)

7:30 PM

For the Love of Writing, with Leslie Hall (75 min). Writing has become something we do informally and in short bursts, where it may not seem as important to write correctly or tell a good story. But both are important, and expressing yourself in writing is still essential. We’ll discuss improving your communications in email and online. We’ll also cover focusing on your audience, eliminating bloated writing, and using punctuation to help the reader follow your message.

Do you have a deeper story in you but don’t know how to get it onto the page? Fiction can be an exciting and cathartic process with freedom to do just about anything. We’ll discuss the building blocks to writing fictional stories including developing characters, creating setting, mapping plot, and writing dialogue. Whether you’re interested in short stories, novels or screenplays, the basic tools needed to get started are the same. This talk will get you excited about writing!

Author of nine novels, Leslie Hall is passionate about writing and about sharing that passion with others. She is a well-received writing instructor at North Seattle College and the co-creator of Write Night, a weekly facilitated writing group in Shoreline. In her other life, Leslie is a Certified Administrative Professional with an Organizational Management specialty. She works for Amazon Web Services as an Executive Assistant to a Vice President, and regularly leads seminars for local Administrative Professionals. Visit her online at: www.lesliejhall.com

8:00 PM

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, with Angela Kokinakos (90 min). Angela has an enduring love of history, chemistry, and the products derived from cacao beans. She’s researched extensively to bring you this in-depth experience based on sound science and the passion of a true chocolate lover. We’ll begin with the history of chocolate, then discuss its chemistry and why people love it so. She will lead a chocolate tasting, with scoring cards and palate cleansers to help judge the selections, and you can note your favorites for future enjoyment. Chocoholics will delight in the myriad forms we will try, traversing the spectrum from white to milk to the very darkest chocolate. Sign up to receive a free handout emailed to you with information from the class. Angela has also been your MWW ToteMs Editor and Program Chair for the last four years, and she currently runs the Restaurant Adventures SIG.

9:00 PM

At the Movies (Film TBA) (120 min). Several titles to choose from, select one together.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

8:00 to 10:00 AM

Breakfast (included with RG Ticket)

No-Host Events: Self-directed morning exercise, indoor yoga or stretching, or outdoor walk.

9:00 AM

Exodus from Nazi Germany, with Bernard Unger (75 min). Both of Bernie’s parents emigrated independently from Germany to the United States via Latin America in a modern day Exodus that is full of peril, impossible plot twists and serendipity. This talk honors a promise to his father to keep the Exodus stories alive after the original holocaust generation dies. World economic and political backdrop will be covered to show how decisions made in Washington, Berlin and elsewhere translated into actual events in the narratives.

In addition to being a child of the holocaust, Bernie is a Caltech and UCSB graduate, now retired with his wife Judy in Discovery Bay, CA after a career in Chemical Engineering. He spends his time trying hard to keep the boat docked in his backyard running and sea-worthy.

Magic with Photoshop Elements, with Judy Unger (75 min). Judy will show you how you can take those not so great photos and, through the magic of retouching, turn them into stunning ones. She will demo Adobe Photoshop Elements, the affordable but very capable baby brother of Photoshop retailing between $70-100. A great deal of what is demoed will be available in whatever retouching program you are using. Even your phone software can crop and make basic lighting adjustments! Judy will cover retouching from the basics of cropping, straightening and lighting adjustments and demo many of the useful features of Elements including: Layers and Layer Masks, Faking depth of focus, Saturation, Sharpening, Removing unwanted objects, and Facial Enhancements.

Judy Unger designed manuals, packaging and display advertising when desktop publishing was in its infancy, using Ventura Publishing v1 in 1987 and Corel Draw v1 in 1989. A pro with Photoshop and desktop publishing software, Judy left the advertising industry in 1997 to teach computer graphics with Orange County ROP and later traveled around the country with CompuMaster giving seminars on Photoshop and Graphic Design.

10:30 AM

The Meyers-Briggs Personality Indicator, with Dr. H. Stanley Jones (75 min). The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory makes the theory of psychological types described by Carl Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. Jung’s theory is that a lot of seemingly random variation in behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment. When you decide on your preference in each category, you derive your “personality type,” of which there are 16. Dr. Jones will present the instrument and administer the test to everyone at the lecture.

Dr. Jones is a professional international speaker, author, and financial consulting expert whose influence is literally global. His audiences have spanned Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. His teaching expertise is at the collegiate level as a professor in the California State University system, instructor for the California Society of CPAs, and faculty member of the Hawaii campus for the University of Phoenix. Dr. Jones currently serves as Chair for the Honolulu Property Tax Appeal Board and is Vice-Chair of the Hawaii Chapter of American Mensa, Ltd. He is a graduate of the Josephson Institute of Ethics Corps Training Program for Educators. He completed the Myers-Briggs Indicator™ Training Program qualifying him to administer, interpret, and score this personality instrument.

Curiosity Conversations: The Power of Asking Questions, with Traca Savodogo (75 min). Traca’s “Curiosity Conversations” are addicting; for her, striking up conversations with strangers is like a hotwired joyride. Whether online or in person, the power of asking questions has sparked countless opportunities – from sailing with a jaguar hunter in the Caribbean to making waffles with a nuclear particle physicist working on CERN’s Hadron Collider. Reared on a Midwest mantra, “Strangers Are Friends You Haven’t Met Yet,” she believes everyone has a story, and the most important adventure begins exactly where you are. How do you have your own Curiosity Conversations?

“Tall Poppy” is an Australian expression for “happy high achiever;” Traca uses “Seattle Tall Poppy” as the name of her blog. While gearing up for an around the world trip, an important discovery brought her much closer to her ultimate goal of community when she discovered how just saying yes to random conversations with people and having the courage to ask questions really opened up a world of possibilities. Learn how you can employ Traca’s tactics to unlock the power of questions and make more connections with the people around you to enlarge your sphere of communication, improve relationships, and become a tall poppy. http://seattletallpoppy.blogspot.com/ and on twitter as @SeattleTallPopp.

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Lunch (included with RG Ticket)

1:00 PM

The Power of She, with Tracey Klinkroth (75 min). After excelling at boutique research firms and big ad agencies in Boston and Seattle, Tracy re-routed her course in 1997. She reasoned, “If my former bosses could start a research firm, I can, too.” Tracy soon launched Epiphany Research. Six years later, she became inspired by the stylish, influential (and dare we say kick-ass?) ladies doing big things all around her, and ChickChat was born. Now Tracy matches smart, honest women with some of the biggest brands out there, like Starbucks and Capitol One. Tracy also creates and hosts large themed parties in Seattle, such as the annual “Venice is Sinking Masquerade Ball.” Visit her online at www.epiphanyresearch.net or www.thepowerofshe.com.

The Creative Process: What is Art, and How Do I Do It? with Siege (75 min). SIEGE (aka Christopher James) will take you on a quick, humorous, and fun FINE ART journey: how he discovered his own artistry, WHY we do Art at all, and how it works. Many people think they aren’t creative, can’t be a real artist, or do world-class art, and they are wrong. If this is you, that will change in two seconds. Seriously, two seconds. Come and join him on a journey to discover the artist within yourself.

Known in the art world as “Siege” (a derivation of “CJ”), he is a prominent Northwestern artist who believes the painter “…should never explain his paintings, ever, for any reason. The art itself should do all the talking!” He claims that the key element in creating art is recklessness. Siege is a native of Bainbridge Island and a graduate of both Evergreen College and Cornish School of the Arts. Siege is also hosting a show of his work during the RG; you are invited to come and enjoy his unique vision. Visit Siege online at wischt.com.

2:30 PM

Gifted & Homeless, with Del Lausa (75 min). High intelligence and creativity have long been linked in the popular imagination with increased vulnerability for mental illness, drug addiction, and homelessness. Cognitive science has now begun to establish that link experimentally, and these insights offer a key to understanding and engaging this subpopulation. We need to more effectively engage “gifted” mentally ill and homeless people by developing a greater understanding of their unique needs and experiences. How can this be achieved? What scientific research supports this idea? What would successful engagement with this population even look like? How are traditional disciplinary strategies counterproductive? Del draws on her experience working with the homeless to identify counterproductive strategies and suggests a more effective approach. The “housing first” model will be discussed. Join her for an in-depth look at addressing this pressing issue.

Del Lausa is a Senior Program Manager of Housing at DESC, a Seattle nonprofit that provides integrated services including housing, emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and healthcare to thousands of homeless and formerly homeless people every day, particularly those living with serious mental illnesses or substance use disorders. Del also holds a PhD in the humanities, specializing in questions of subjectivity and identity. For the past nineteen years, Del has combined her academic training and direct services experience to support youth and adults in living positively with intellectual giftedness, over-excitability, autism spectrum, ADHA, and other “alt-orders.”

Demystifying Body-Mind Medicine, with Chrissie Cirovic, ND (75 min). Dr. Cirovic will be defining alternative medicine, naturopathic medicine, and mind-body medicine, and aims to debunk misconceptions and over-generalizations about each. She will share her background in research science, her personal journey to become an alternative medicine practitioner, and how the two remain closely intertwined. Whether you’re skeptical, curious, or enthusiastic about alternative medicine, you won’t want to miss this unique talk!

While labeled as “gifted” at a young age, Chrissie resisted the label, as it led to her feeling out-of-place and more often than not, misunderstood. As a naturopathic doctor, she’s become a proponent of neurodiversity, helping individuals to better understand their brains and make peace with them. She joined Mensa in 2017 in hopes of meeting others who might have experienced similar struggles, such as non-belonging, wanting to discuss topics in more detail/a greater need for accuracy, insomnia – all features of giftedness! In her practice, Sound Lifestyle Medicine, in Mountlake Terrace, Dr. Cirovic strives to provide truly holistic health care, built on foundations of education, patient empowerment, and compassion, and helps others establish a “sound lifestyle” as the best “medicine.” Visit www.soundlifestylemedicine.com to learn more.

4:00 PM

Investigating Game Theory, with Marcelo Guerra Hahn (75 min) Marcelo is very passionate about data and using it to facilitate decision making. He currently works at Tableau, focusing on the areas of storytelling and calculations. Before joining Tableau, he worked for Microsoft on a variety of teams including the C#, C++ and Azure teams. He also volunteers at Toastmasters, as the Division E Governor, District 2, where he teaches ways to make presentations fun and engaging. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay and an MBA and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington. He is also a member of the adjunct faculty at Lake Washington Institute of Technology and is an instructor in the continuing education department at the University of Washington. He is also a Boy Scout Leader!

Dealing with Narcissists, with Sarah Swenson (75 min) Why does it hurt so much? What is it, anyway? In this presentation, we will look at the meaning of narcissism, the difference between Narcissistic Personality Disorder and narcissistic traits, and what you can do if you find yourself in the grips of a relationship with someone who behaves in these ways. We will also consider autism, which can look a lot like narcissism at first glance. In both areas, we will explore the role high intelligence plays.

Sarah Swenson MA LMHC (Sarah Gardens) is a psychotherapist in private practice in the South Lake Union IT neighborhood of Seattle, where she works as a specialist in high intelligence and in autism spectrum, particularly neurodiverse couples in which one partner is autistic and the other is neurotypical. She also works as a coach with couples around the world. More information about Sarah is available on her websites: SwensonCounseling.com and SwensonCoaching.com.

5:30 PM

Wine & Cheese Reception (90 min). Hosted by the Regional Gathering Committee. Mingle with members of MWW prior to dinner, whether you are going to the Gala Dinner, or making your own plans. Join us for a bit and a bite! Must be 21 to enjoy the wine.

Sketch Comedy with Improvisation, with Alan Berman and assisted by Paul Ferrari (90 min, with up to 30 min extra time). Our goal will be to create a few compelling scenes by doing a lot of improvisation. There’ll be a crash introduction to improv that will emphasize strict yes-and agreement to support your scene partner. It will also emphasize physicality, including use of imaginary objects. Side coaching will encourage use of those techniques. No prior improv training is necessary for this experimental accelerated workshop. Alan produced and edited a 23-episode improv show and 2 improvised short films that appeared on public access cable. He works as a software developer and is a member of MWW.

From Office Zero to Office Hero, with Bruce Lee (75 min). Power Pointers from a PowerPointer, or, what to do when you find out (with 10 minutes notice!) that YOU are in charge of today’s team meeting! Learn how to rock that meeting with some simple tricks, plus how to use it, and most importantly how NOT to use it. Learn about PowerPoint’s origins, and how it differs from its siblings Word and Excel.

Bruce Lee is a life member with a variety of careers, such as radio DJ, TV host, professional musician, and Technology Management Consultant. Bruce contributed to the creation of Microsoft PowerPoint in its formative years in Menlo Park, CA before moving to Redmond to join the MS “Mothership.”

7:00 PM

Gala Dinner (Not included in RG ticket, separate purchase required) featuring gourmet food with entertainment from magician Rick Anderson, who will delight and amaze with up-close magic, stage illusions, and an engaging comedic performance.

Followed by lounge music and dancing, hosted by The Done Goners, a two-man band that blends the rules of 50s rock n’ roll, rockabilly, and vintage jazz. Front man Johnny7 slings songs straight from the heart and plays a little guitar, accompanied by the stand-up slap bass of Wes Amundsen. Tickets $70, purchase online at: www.emeraldcityrg.com.

7:30 PM

Attached to Love: How Attachment Style Influences Dating, with Una Drake, followed by singles’ mixer (110 min). Have you been caught in the same toxic relationship patterns again and again, and want to understand why? Want to identify and disengage from inappropriate matches early on…even on a first date? Want to finally find high quality, low drama love that feels good, and keeps getting better? Come find answers in this informative and engaging talk based on the advanced relationship science outlined in the acclaimed book, Attached, by Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. Una will outline the 3 primary attachment styles and how they interact with one another in relationships. Learn what your own attachment style is and understand how classic relationship patterns can play out with other styles. Learn who you should be looking for and who you should avoid, and how to tell one from the other before you are too attached to care. In addition, Una will cover effective dating strategies for Mensans and other statistical outliers. If you have a hard time fitting in, but still want to meet your match…come to this talk! Singles’ Mixer expected to begin around 8:45-9:00.

Una Drake helps men and women access Juicy Love, and live a Juicy Life, full of creativity and joy. For over 6 years she has helped clients greatly simplify and accelerate the dating process to find love. Listen to Una’s show, Your Juicy Love, on Transformation Talk Radio, aired on AM 1150 KKNW in the Seattle area, or listen online. www.UnaDrake.com.

9:00 PM

At The Movies (Film TBA) (120 min). Several titles to choose from, select one together.

9:30 PM

Cards Against Humanity Tournament featuring the “Bigger, Blacker Box.” If you also have a copy of this game, bring it along so we can have multiple tables of play. Featuring a scoring system to collect points, which will be used to determine the winner.


Sunday, April 8th, 2018

9:30 – 11:30 AM

Volunteer Appreciation & RG Closing Brunch (Not included in regular RG ticket, separate ticket required $15/members or $25/guests). Enjoy a delicious array of breakfast foods while playing the Mensa Brainiac Team Challenge Game Show, hosted by Nancy Tennant and Angela Kokinakos. During this fun and interactive activity, teams will compete in answering various questions and solving puzzles. Teams will be made up of those who are seated at each table – so choose carefully with whom you sit! The winning table will be dubbed the “Braniac Team” and will move on to our final round, where participants from this team compete against each other in a lightning round to determine who will be crowned “The Smartest One of All!”

Following the game, we’ll host our Volunteer Recognition to celebrate all the myriad wonderful people who make MWW tick.

Finally, our Awards Ceremony will reveal all the big winners of the RG’s various events. You won’t want to miss out on the food or the fun. Tickets for this event can be purchased at www.emeraldcityrg.com.

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