Mensa Foundation Scholarship Program

Founded in 1971, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation is a philanthropic, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the pursuit of excellence in human intelligence. The mission and strategic focus are directed at scholarships, education and awards.

Each year the Mensa Foundation gives away an average of $60,000 through a scholarship program run by 400 volunteers from coast to coast; presents national and international awards in recognition of research, education and practical achievement regarding giftedness, intelligence and creativity; and publishes the Mensa Research Journal. The Mensa Foundation also sponsors award-winning educational activities including the podcast series  Conversations with Mensa and projects for gifted youth such as the Mensa For Kids Web site.

The Mensa Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who are volunteers elected by members of the American Mensa Committee, the voting members of the Foundation.

The Mensa Foundation scholarship program is unique in that awards are based totally on essays written by the applicants. There is no requirement for applicants to be members of Mensa nor is any consideration given to grades, academic program, or financial need.

This program is also unusual in that even though it is a national program, it is totally managed at the local group level. If a local group chooses not to participate, no one living in that group’s geographical area can compete for an award.

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For more information please see American Mensa | Scholarships.