Local Officers and Coordinators

Meet the officers and coordinators of Mensa of Western Washington. We are all volunteers.

MWW Elected Officers

President Mark Glancey
1st Vice President Michelle Rakshys
2nd Vice President Tracey Guice
Treasurer Paul Ferrari
Recording Secretary David Carl

MWW Appointed Officers

Bylaws Chair Gregory Gadow
Community Activities Programs Volunteer needed
Elections Susan Brown
Facebook Coordinators Wendy Hutchison, Angela Kokinakos
GenX Coordinator Tracey Guice
GenY Coordinator Greg Chandra
Gifted Children Coordinator CathyRaye Hyland
Library Coordinator Julia Shozen
Members-at-Large CathyRaye Hyland, Debarijit “Greg” Chandra, Andras Blake, Angela Kokinakos
Membership CathyRaye Hyland
Ombudsman Susan Beecher
Program Chair Angela Kokinakos
Publicity Volunteer needed
Scholarship Chair Michelle Rakshys
Sight Coordinator Robert Jaeger
Testing Coordinator Michelle Rakshys
Proctors Brenda Tibeau, Jim Dewey, Susan McPheron, Meredith Neal, Ramdas Vaidyanathan
Two volunteers needed

Staff of Web Site

Webmeister Jeannie Boag
Assistant Webmeister Volunteer needed
Web Calendar Editor Patrick O’Leary

Staff of ToteMs (our MWW newsletter)

ToteMs Editor Angela Kokinakos
Assistant Editors Wendy Hutchison, Michelle Stewart, Katie Pennella
Calendar Editor Randy Kamradt, Sr.

MWW Area Coordinators

FaceBook Wendy Hutchison, Angela Kokinakos
Bellingham Volunteer needed
Boeing Volunteer needed
Eastside Jim Dewey
Everett Volunteer needed
Grays Harbor County Robert Amundson
Lewis County Gordon Bellevue
Olympia Byronn Glenn
Pacific Lutheran University Susan Harmon
Point Roberts Diana Powell
Port Angeles Volunteer needed
Tacoma Volunteer needed
University of Washington Volunteer needed
West Sound Art Day

Region 8 (includes MWW)

Regional Vice Chairman SueAnn Gilmore