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Please enter a valid Mensa identification number, which we will verify with the national office. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in to the Members section. If you are not a Mensa member, your registration request will be deleted without notice.
Registration is a two-part process:

1. Register. (See Note, below.) There will be a delay while we verify that you are a Mensa member. This is necessary because the Members section of the site contains sensitive information.
2. Wait for an email confirming that your account has been activated. Once you receive it, you will be able to log in.

Please Note: You must enter a username and password when you register; otherwise, you will not be able to log in. (Be sure to keep a separate record of your username and password for your own reference, because the confirmation message does not provide them!)

Choose a username you like, because no one, including you, will be able to later change the username that you enter. For security reasons, do not use your Mensa membership number as a username.

We will use your name and Mensa membership number only to validate your identity; they are visible only to the administrators.

This is the only time that you need to provide information. Your name and Mensa member number are used only to verify that you are a member of Mensa. The information is only visible to you and to the site administrators and is not shared with other Web sites.

The site includes links to other Web sites. MWW is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of those sites.

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