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Science & Technology SIG meetings

This S&T SIG is currently on hiatus. Stay tuned for news of future S&T SIG meetings.

Escape Room Interest Poll

Would you be interested in attending a group MWW event to attend an escape room?  We have a group that is excited about this event. Have you heard of any locally that are well rated? Please email Mark Glancey at if you are interested and with suggestions.

Fair Game Group!

Fair Game is a tabletop & board-gaming group for age 21 & up that meets monthly at various public places (bars/restaurants) around the greater Seattle area.

Our purpose:

    • Raising money for charity,
    • Recruiting new members for Mensa of Western Washington,
    • Networking amongst gaming industry professionals and aficionados, and
  • Having fun playing tabletop games.

Admission is free. However, participants are encouraged to make a donation to their choice of charities selected by the event host, and to support the establishment where the event is hosted.

Monthly meetings of “Fair Game” are initially set to occur in the third week of each month at 6:30 pm. The location will be set six weeks in advance by the host and published on the following Facebook page: